Church Leadership Academy

What is Church Leadership Academy?


The Church Leadership Academy is a program sponsored by the Christian Missionary Alliance to train leaders in the local church.  It consists of six study books focusing on the life of Christ in the Gospel of Matthew.  But there is much more…Prophecies from the Old Testament are studied along with passages about Jesus from the other gospels and from other New Testament books.

What are the requirements to enroll?



You are not required to be a member of Lighthouse Alliance Community Church.  You do need to commit to becoming a member and spending at least two-and-one half hours a week studying.  Attendance is required on the designated nights.

What is the course study like?



Each of the six workbooks has ten chapters.  The course will run eleven weeks- one for each chapter and an additional week for the final test.  Each chapter must be completed before class, including Chapter One.  Students complete their lessons by writing right in the book. Each class night consists of corporate worship and prayer and then an hour spent in individual book discussions led by facilitators.  Quizzes are given regularly to help prepare for the final test and are not graded.  The final test is administered on week eleven and must be mastered with a score of 80% before a student may proceed to the next book.

How do I enroll?



Enrollment requires a one-time $20.00 registration fee.  In addition each book including Book One costs $15.00.  A few scholarships are available.  We offer these classes at various times during the year.  To get the schedule or to register, call the church office 296-9673.  With persistence, the whole course can be completed in less than two years.  This is definitely a commitment, but one that yields rich rewards.